Hair Relaxers – Debunking the Myth

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Hair Relaxers: Debunking the Myth. Hair relaxing became very popular in the 80’s, after people realized the jheri curl couldn’t give them versatility and was too greasy. No lye relaxers were formulated due to the complaints of burning from women … Continue reading

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Let me help you Relax your Hair!

Hello Ladies!,

Some of you experience hair breakage and damage from relaxers/perms and consequently decide to go natural or get your hair cut short and start all over again or resort to braiding and weaving to give your hair a break from chemical processes.

My mission is to help you achieve longer, healthier hair and help you uncover why your hair remains dry and brittle after you have followed the instructions to a T on that box perm (which has the picture of the lovely model with the long flowy hair).

Box perms contain CaOH (Calcium hydroxide), Calcium hydroxide has a pH greater than 7 which makes it a lye (alkali). The notion of no-lye is actually a ‘lie’ and most women are also unaware of the effects of calcium on their hair. If the benefits of calcium are to help strengthen the bones and teeth then I leave you to deduce what the effects of calcium are on your hair … Yes hard dry brittle hair !

Hair is not a single strand when viewed under a microscope. It consists of a cuticle, cortex and medulla. With the Diva By Cindy relaxer, your hair will be nourished from the inside out. The Diva By Cindy relaxer is infused with Aloe (Aloe is naturally soothing, moisturizing and healing).

After hair is relaxed with the Diva By Cindy hair relaxer and rinsed, the Diva By Cindy Stabilizer is applied (this is what sets the the DIVA Relaxer apart from the others). Because protein(polypeptide bonds) are broken during a relaxer application, you cannot merely rinse a relaxer and neutralize. The cuticle which was opened during the chemical process needs to be closed and the bonds rearranged. After the Diva By Cindy stabilizer is rinsed (approximately 2-5 minutes on the hair),  the Diva by Cindy neutralizer which contains mink oils is then applied to remove all traces of the relaxer. Neutralizer should be applied and rinsed three to four times.

For extra bouncy hair you apply the Diva by Cindy Stimulating Deep Conditioner for a few minutes, rinse and follow with the Diva By Cindy Leave-In Detangler and proceed to style.
Enjoy longer, healthier hair.

Relaxers applied by your stylists help prevent overlap. If you are a pro at applying your own relaxer, it is still a good idea to schedule regular trims with your favorite stylist to help the overall health of your hair.

As always the truth is what I give you. For more information check us out on for your free samples and more information.

Love Always,

Longer, Healthier Hair!

DIVA BY CINDY Hair Products
Tel: (443)465-2333

Visit to help victims of domestic violence.

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Stylists give new cuts and new attitudes

Stylists give new cuts and new attitudes

Free coiffure for victims of domestic abuse

By Bryna Zumer

The women who stepped into Shades of U salon in Owings Mills on Dec. 7 may have been used to disrespect and abuse, but they walked out feeling like someone cared about them.

For the fourth year, salon owner Cynthia Tawiah welcomed 12 victims of domestic violence to Shades of U for an annual day of pampering, complete with free hair cuts, hand massages, facials, lunch and a candle-lighting ritual at which the women were asked to forgive their abusers.

Tawiah, who worked as a nurse for 13 years, sees the project as part of her life’s mission.

“My purpose is in healing. Battered women are one of the worst off (women),” she said. “Their self-esteem is gone.”

The women, with whom Tawiah connected through Family and Children’s Services of Central Maryland, have often suffered significant abuse.

One victim was set on fire by her husband while another contracted a sexually transmitted disease, Tawiah said.

“We are talking about something that is really serious and it is kind of swept under the rug,” she said.

The day of pampering “just became an annual gift of giving. (The women) were really in serious need of pampering,” she said. At the end of the day, “there was not a dry eye in the place.”

Flora Holley, a Baltimore resident who said she was verbally, financially and sexually abused by her husband, came to the event for the second year in a row.

In addition to getting the haircut and manicure she needed, Holley said she also had a chance to release her anger and hurt.

For someone to donate their services for such an event is unique, she said.

“It is a good esteem and beauty day, and you get to meet other women who are facing the same kind of situations,” she said. “I got out of it that people really do care and you can rebuild your life.”

Holley said what impressed her most was that the women were willing to try to get ahead.

“They are not stuck, and they are willing to do what it takes to make it,” said Holley, who knew a woman who had to leave town after being abused and one who lived in her car. “Sometimes people are silent when abuse happens and they need not be silent.”

Besides running Shades of U, Tawiah also hopes to someday open a “healing and wellness” center in Pikesville, as well as a safe house for abused women.

“This is what my life purpose is,” she said, noting that it is important for women to be able to trust people so they can help themselves. “You cannot receive with a clenched fist.”

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Hair Salon Treats Victims of Domestic Violence to a day of Pampering

If you wish you had a few more stories of kindness and caring to balance the bad news this holiday season, we may have just what you need.
On Sunday, Dec 7, Shades of U, an Owings Mills salon, treated 12 victims of domestic violence to a day of pampering. The women enjoyed hair cuts and styling, hand massages, facials and lunch courtesy of the salon staff and other volunteers. Salon owner Cynthia Tawiah opens her shop to serve these women (and, occasionally, a man) once a year. “Each of us has a purpose that involves being of service to another human being. Helping these women is our Ministry. This is what I was created for,” explains Tawiah, whose husband and children also work to make the day a success. A few photos are attached. They are also available in black + white and in higher resolution.

  • If you would like information about the people pictured for use in photo captions, or to view additional photos, please contact me.
  • For more information about the event, please contact Cindy Tawiah at 443-465-2333.
  • For more information about the domestic violence programs of Family and Children’s Services of Central Maryland, please contact Pat Thompson at 443-865-8208.

Thank you for your consideration,

Debbie Feldman Jones
Manager of Public Relations
Family and Children’s Services of Central Maryland
4623 Falls Road / Baltimore, MD 21209-4914
office: 410-366-1980, ext. 228 / cell: 443-865-5333

A private, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization serving families and individuals at every stage of life

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