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Diva by Cindy - Beauty at its best Awards 2011
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A Letter From Cindy

At the age of sixteen, my chemistry teacher inspired my love of chemistry by teaching me how to make beauty products. Women and beauty are my passion. I created the DIVA BY CINDY product line for all women who desire natural based products that will give them longer and healthier hair. Our products contain natural ingredients with extreme detangling ability and therefore insure that hair is not lost on the comb and on the floor during the styling process. These products allow you and your stylist to design flowing hairstyles that will compliment your personality. Soft, silky, DIVAlicious hair is what DIVA BY CINDY delivers.

My mission for DIVA BY CINDY is not only to give women the confidence gained by beautiful hair. I also wish to offer a vehicle to inspire, motivate and empower women who have always wanted to become part of the beauty industry by giving them the opportunity to become DIVA distributors.

As you experience these beautiful, tropically-scented products, you will be on your way to achieving the crown you’ve always wanted: longer, healthier hair with body and bounce.

Join our movement as we change the world, one DIVA at a time!

Love Always,

Cindy Tawiah

Diva by Cindy Products
Diva by Cindy Testimonials
Let me start by saying DIVA shampoo and conditioners are wonderful with the tropical fragrance that lasts and stays on the hair for days as if you just shampooed your hair. The moisturizing shampoo moisturizes and cleanses the hair without drying the hair. The conditioner really conditions making the hair soft and so manageable that you can even use it on hair with a tight curl and the curls become so lose you can easily comb through without shedding or breaking. DIVA is also safe to use on children's hair. The product has no alcohol so it doesn't burn. This is a great line... you have to try it!. Guaranteed you'll love it!!
Erica - Stylist